Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Richard Scarry + Little Dumplings

New piece for The Boston Globe, to accompany a write-up about Richard Scarry! The article analyzed the changes made to Busytown between the late 60s and early 90s to correspond with the growing urban economy and gender role shifts. Here are a few [pictures] to point out some subtle and hilarious differences. Thanks again to Dan Zedek for the awesome assignment.

8x10 Woodcut

And on the topic of children's imagery: some of you might know that aside from making illustrations, I also teach Mandarin to babies a couple of days a week. (The class is called Little Dumplings.) It is a very different job, but there are some overlaps. For every class, I create some sort of craft for the babies to "make". (This basically means I execute about 95% of the craft and they put a sticker on it.) I thought it would be fun to share some of them, so you can all get a sense of my range.

Also, through experience, I have found that if you put a googly eye on anything, it is instantly cute! Go on, try it.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Boston Globe Dioramas

Last week I was called to do the Arts and Movies section covers for The Boston Globe. I basically had to find a cohesive way to illustrate a split list of artsy events and movies(Harry Potter!). We decided it would be cool to do two dioramas, with the finals pieces photographed. This was a rush job(two and a half days, sketch to finish), but I'm really happy with the results. Big thanks to Dan Zedek and Ryan Huddle, and an even bigger thanks to the amazing Lia Post for helping me take fancy photos!

Process: Drawing + building frames


Tiny people:



(Notice the accumulation and disappearance of snacks between the first and last photo.)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quentin vs. Coen

I have a new piece in a show at Bold Hype Gallery, which opens tonight. The theme is "Quentin vs. Coen", and each artist is asked to make artwork inspired by either a Tarantino or Coen brothers movie. I think it is obvious which scene I chose. The show is only up for three days, so go check it out if you can! I am looking forward to seeing all the artwork in one space, feeling claustrophobic, and maybe spotting more people from "Work of Art".

9x12 Woodcut

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Red Bellies at Dawn!

I have a new home now. It's in Brooklyn, and we are excited. (We = Colin, Morgan, Charlie, me, Groover, Tiger Power)

Within an hour of our arrival, we were warned by several neighbors about potential bedbugs, sending us into a paranoid frenzy. As a result, the past five days have been spent spraying for bedbugs, caulking and sealing every crack in the house, and making epic late-night journeys to Home Depot. In addition to painting, unpacking, buying many bagels in exchange for internet, more caulking, and getting into a car accident with the Budget truck.

And here it is, with all of our mountains of crap. Lovingly referred to as "Ewok Village," and more recently, "Caulk City."

Fun projects coming up.