Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Red Bellies at Dawn!

I have a new home now. It's in Brooklyn, and we are excited. (We = Colin, Morgan, Charlie, me, Groover, Tiger Power)

Within an hour of our arrival, we were warned by several neighbors about potential bedbugs, sending us into a paranoid frenzy. As a result, the past five days have been spent spraying for bedbugs, caulking and sealing every crack in the house, and making epic late-night journeys to Home Depot. In addition to painting, unpacking, buying many bagels in exchange for internet, more caulking, and getting into a car accident with the Budget truck.

And here it is, with all of our mountains of crap. Lovingly referred to as "Ewok Village," and more recently, "Caulk City."

Fun projects coming up.